Jennylyn “The Smile Maker” Hart
Author, Life & Executive Trainer Coach

Learn The Exact "Your Story Book Life" (YSBL) Vision
Which I Used To Recover From Disabled To Differently Abled!

I Exist to Empower you to Overcome your Fears to Breakthrough Barriers and to be Strong Minded.

How learning to “Stand Tall/Live Big”
was a game-changer in my Life.

How to keep yourself Motivated
& always Stay Positive.

How I took
One Step at a Time &
kept on moving towards
My Story Book Life.
(Learning is the Key).

100% FREE – Consultation  where you get to know
Jennylyn ”The Smile Maker” Hart 
& how she uses a “tsp of faith” to Overcome!

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About The Speaker:

Hello! I’m Jennylyn “The Smile Maker” Hart, and I founded the “Jenny’s Journeys” series, books, podcasts and blog. The series is comprised of inspirational stories of triumph over tragedy through a tsp of faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen and Amen.
I’ve been disabled.
Yes, I was a Quadriplegic.
Until I found “YOUR STORY BOOK LIFE (YSBL) VISION”& worked to become Differently Abled!
Once I shifted my mindset, the world shifted around me. I no longer have fears of appearing weak because my mind is Strong!
100% FREE – Consultation where you get to know
Jennylyn “The Smile Maker” Hart
& How she uses a “tsp of faith” to Overcome!

Let's Create Your Story Book Life (YSBL) Together