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Greetings, my name is Jennylyn “tsp of faith” Hart. I am a former quadriplegic that used a teaspoon of faith to regain my mental toughness.  

I am a wife, a mom, a published author, a possibilities coach, and Executive Trainer for Boss It Up Attraction Marketing and Automation and I am proud to claim today that I am a Fighter! 

I learned how to “Stand Tall” & “Live Big” & “Experience Life”! 
My Heart’s Desire is to help others through a “tsp of faith” to allow themselves to remain open to all the opportunities around them.
I am now a Presidential Founder with PTrade Global. And You are being invited to join a $Billion Dollar Company during its inception.  I was fortunate enough via a relationship to be introduced to this Once In a Lifetime Global Opportunity at the very beginning (I’m 1 of the 1st 100 people to sign up in the company). It was a No-Brainer to lock arms with a company that will impact the world with an innovative and ever-Expanding eLearning Platform. 
PTrade Global will disrupt the Relationship Marketing industry by allowing Independent Business Owners (IBOs) to market their own personal brand. This concept has never been implemented in the history of Relationship Marketing before now. I look forward to providing a sound solution to all small business owners, as well as busines giants who are looking to pivot and
“Thrive Not Just Survive in this new COVID ECONOMY”.

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